Subscription fees for 2015

Our subs (ask we call them) for all explorers is currently £120 per year. To make this easier for both our treasurer and yourself we ask for this to be payable by direct debit at £10 per month.

However, should you feel you want to pay by other means then this can be discussed with us and we will try to meet any requests.

Should you have any difficulties paying this then please contact us. We don’t want any young person to miss out on the opportunities that we can offer.


– Membership of The Scout Association
– Insurance for all Scout related activities in UK
– All badges
– 1 necker per explorer (If lost or damaged a small fee is payable)
– Unit night activities. The only exception to this is if we do an outside activity (ie cinema, bowling, go karting etc). Advance notice is given if any extra is needed.
– Most importantly, lots of opportunities and fun